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When we set out to develop the ultimate sleeper amp, we thought long and hard about everything you would want in amp. Incredible tone, refined good looks, power beyond your wildest dreams, consistent tone at any volume, ultimate flexibility, utterly reliable, oh yeah... and as light as possible. With the Quilter Aviator Series you get all of that and more. With Pat Quilter's patent pending tone shaping technology developed over a 40+ year career, prepare to be surprised. You are going to get dynamics, beautiful tone, and harmonics that you usually will pay three or four times as much to come even close to. The Aviator in only it's first month of production found itself in the recording studio with grammy award winning artists, on major tours with guitar legends, and blowing the minds of guitar enthusiasts all over the world. There is a reason that you hear the buzz growing. The solid state code has finally been cracked, and behind that horizon is something new and unexpected. It is warm and vibrant, and organic. You are going to have to start re-thinking the possibilities. The ball has definitely moved forward.

  • Powerful: 100 watts per channel (200 watt total output) keeping up on the big stage is easy
  • Consistent: Sounds great at any volume, doesn't wear out or overheat, maintains great tone all night, every night
  • Flexible: Works with any extension cabinet or even without a load at all, has a now legendary direct out with better sound and control than a mic, works with common AC and pedal cables to make replacement easy in a pinch
  • Reliable: Doesn't overheat, breakdown, or degrade and with our industry leading service and support replacement is a heartbeat away
  • Portable: Lighter than any amplifier in its class, and smaller footprint for today's smaller stages
  • Free: All of our amplifiers comes with a ballistic nylon cover to protect your investment. Expect more than you are used to.
  • Built right here in our factory in Costa Mesa California from mostly local suppliers

Quilter Labs is revolutionizing guitar amplifier technology with products that sound incredible, weigh much less, and are powerful when you need them to be, but maintain good tone when they need to be quiet.

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Who plays Quilter amps?

We are fortunate to have a great many artists and friends that use our products. Check out the artists section of the web site to see who is playing Quilter amps.