Buying a gift?

So you are looking for an amp or "merch" for a friend? Here's what you need to know. 

1) Good choice! In every way Quilter amplifiers are superior to the competition. You are getting a better product, both for practicing and live performance, which.will deliver great sound for many, many years without problems and failures. 

2) Break down the way your lucky "giftee" uses an amp into the following. 

Live band situations require more power. Consider a Mach 2 Combo, or a BlockDock paired with a 100 or 200 series head. 

For quieter practice, go with a 100 series head with a BlockDock 10. 

For headphone practice, and low volume capabilities try the 45 series, especially the InterBlock 45. 

If you can't make up your mind, the 101 Reverb head with a BlockDock 10 or 12 is our most popular "full service" amp.

3. For a full selection of Quilter apparel and accessories, see our Pro Shop accessories section under the Quilter Logo or at the bottom of Guitar and Bass tabs.