For Bassists

Pat Quilter's first amplifier in 1967 was a bass amp, so it comes as no surprise that Quilter has a strong list of selections for modern and "old school" bass players. Quilter's mission of providing "twice the output for half the weight" is especially valuable for bass players who are normally stuck with moving large and heavy cabs and heads. Pat Quilter's experience in modern pro-audio power technology, combined with an excellent ear for tone and unique analog processing skills, results in amazingly powerful rigs which outperform units twice their size and weight. The Bass Block Series is one of the first implementations of Class D where the Class D powerplant is an integrated part of the pre-amp and not just our pre-amp married to someone else's module. This lets the amp respond perfectly to your needs, especially as the dynamic content requirements changes over the course of your gig.

The Bassliner cabs are modular to provide "mix and match" flexibility as well as a docking compartment for the Bass Block. Dual 10's provide punch, while long-throw 12's provide extra depth. Combination rigs provide the best of both. Wedge shapes are sealed and cab shapes are front ported.

The BassDock cabinets are also modular but focused on being ultra-compact while delivering an old school woody bass tone while the Bassliners are more modern and Hi-Fi. The BassDocks feature proprietary ferrite drivers combined with rear ports. 

Check out the BassDock Series for the ultimate in portable modularity sized right for any gig.

If you want something really small for those little gigs that packs a surprising punch check out the InterBass.