For Guitarists

Our advice usually starts with the following questions:

Do you want a head or a combo? Are you interested in the benefits of both or can’t decide? Do you want your amp mounted to your pedalboard?

If you want a head, do you need to be louder than a 50 watt tube amp or need to plug into a PA? Our Block Series amplifiers have everything you need to get great tone in a reliable 2-3 pound package. If you want that head to fit right on your pedalboard next to your pedals try the Pedal Series products. 

If you’d like a combo, we have three offerings for you: our flagship MicroPro series, the Aviator Series or our Artist Signature Series.

The MicroPro series is the original Quilter design. They’re ultra-compact and punch way above their size and weight. The MicroPro Mach 2 8 weighs in at only 19 pounds, fits in an airplane overhead bin, and can play over a drummer in a rock band. The MicroPros are also packed with more features than any other Quilter amplifier.

The Aviator Series are comprised of 50 watt combos, and our powerhouse Mach 3, our current flagship amplifier. The Cub is a simple single channel amplifier boasting analog recreations of some of the most classic amplifiers. The Mach 3 is a full two channel 200 watt combo capable of delivering earth shattering power, or the most ultimate pristine cleans. Along with the typical basic features of an amplifier, the Cub expands its abilities with a Cab Simulated Output, and seperate volume control for the Line Out. 

Do you like the idea of mounting your amp to your pedalboard? If so, check out our Pedal Series.  The SuperBlock US and SuperBlock UK deliver all the tonal value as our more tube like our other guitar products but about the size of a double wide pedal.