In 1967 a musician friend complained that a good bass amp cost five times more than the $250 he had in his pocket. Pat Quilter a college student with a passion for audio electronics agreed to give it a try. Before long “Quilter Sound Things” were beginning to find a place in the musical landscape of Southern California. Soon amps were placed in several clubs on the emerging music scene of the Sunset Strip. Musicians raved about them. “They were the loudest amps around, and only one out of four blew which was more reliable than most.” said Quilter of those early days. But despite some close brushes with fame and fortune, the race went to better known brands. And so the young company refocused on the pro audio market.


“One morning I got the call that someone had cut a hole in the roof and stolen our entire inventory. To add insult to injury, they took the time to cherry pick the good guitar strings.” Quilter recalls that this was a defining event in the partnership’s decision to change direction. This began one of the most impressive success stories of pro audio. Through the intervening years, Pat never lost his passion for what got him started in the business to begin with. His often heard quote, “Every spring, the sap would rise and my thoughts would return to how to get even better tone from solid state technology.” This passion would continue to burn for many years and late nights and weekends would often find Pat in his lab, surrounded by world class audio engineering equipment, diligently experimenting. Ultimately this led to a series of increasingly impressive prototypes, culminating in a now-legendary run of “Slantmaster” amplifiers, built to celebrate QSC’s 40th anniversary in 2008.


On the first day of 2011 Pat Quilter, along with a select team of industry professionals, announced the revival of a dream over 40 years in the making. Pat’s experience as a musician, a tube amplifier expert, and one of the foremost engineering minds in power amplification, has uniquely qualified him as the one man who can truly crack the code of solid state. This new generation of technology has unleashed a powerful new set of tools for guitar players that breaks through the traditional limitations of tubes or solid state. Called “Gen 3” by its inventor, it is an entirely new take on what a guitarist can do with tone. That is why it has attracted the attention of many of today’s top artists as well as many of the greatest legends of guitar history. It sounds incredible, it doesn’t let you down, it works under any condition you can throw at it, it is portable, powerful, doesn’t drift or change.

This is the future of guitar amplifier technology, and the future is bright.