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Put a rocket in your pocket! Check out the diminutive Microblock 45 guitar head. So small you can tuck it in your gig bag and ready to back you up anytime, any place!
- 45 watts into 4 Ohms, 33 into 8 Ohms
- Comes with powerful AC power supply
- Simple controls and “clean/dirty” setup
- 1/8" Input for backing tracks
- Great as a backup amp or even a full blown club rig!

Our original and best-selling line, the Micropro Series redefines what you can get from a tiny package. In addition to unprecedented warmth and headroom, its multiple inputs, presets and voicings make this highly versatile amp equally comfortable in the living room, studio, or stage.
- Ultra-light and compact combo models
- Powerful -- up to 100 watts per channel
- Flexible -- multiple voicings and setups
- Modular -- heads, combos, and extension cabs all stack neatly together
- Professional -- lighted controls for dark stages

The Steelaire Series provides the long awaited answer for steel guitar players who need the full headroom and beautiful chime of a 15” aluminum dome speaker, but with half the weight of older industry workhorses. And it sounds wonderful with a standard guitar too!
- 200 watts of bright, clear headroom
- Custom designed ultra-light neo-magnet 15”
- Open-back cabinet tuned for maximum clarity
- Our most fully featured control package.
- Floor or leg-mounted remote controllers

For players who get their tone from pedals or rack mount effects, the Tone Block 201 delivers huge power to any speaker, with legendary Quilter warmth and dynamics, from a package not much bigger than a large stomp box. In stand-alone or rack mount configuration, the Tone Block 201 is the ultimate in micro heads, and even sounds great when plugging straight in.
- 4 lbs, half-rack chassis (mount two for stereo)
- 200 watts with calibrated Master power knob
- “Tri-Q” Contour EQ,
- 5 vintage classic amp voicings
- Hi impedance input for full guitar tone
- Wide range Gain for clean and overdrive
- Ultimate “fly date” amplifier

The 101 is aimed at players who don't need the incredible power of the Tone Block 200 for the big stage or the direct out. But rest assured, at 50-100 watts, this is no wall flower. Meant to be a fully functional head in it's own right, the 101 also pairs nicely with pedals but lacks the industrial mounting points on the Tone Block. Rest assured, the 101 is the ultimate choice for the home or small club musician.
- 2 lbs
- 50-100 watts with calibrated Master power knob
- “Tri-Q” Contour EQ
- 5 voicing options
- Hi Cut to tame harsh upper frequencies
- FX Loop
- Headphone jack

The Pro Block takes over as a full featured head delivering all the power of a Tone Block along with an extended feature set. Adding an FX Send and FX Return as well as a Hi-Cut, Limiter, and Reverb, to the Tone Block's Gain, Master, Tri-Q and Direct out, the Pro Block is sure to replace a great many standalone heads for players the world over.
- 4 lbs
- 200 watts with calibrated Master power knob
- Limiter
- “Tri-Q” Contour EQ
- Reverb
- Hi-Cut
- FX Loop

Bass Block 800 PageBass Block 800
The Bass Block is the answer for Bass players requiring incredible power and portability in the smallest of packages. Quite possibly the first bass amplifier designed by a master engineer specifically for the musical nuance and power of the instrument, the Bass Block 800 has already taken major stages and recording studios around the world by storm!
- 3.75 lbs
- 800 watts with calibrated Master power knob
- Depth
- Contour
- Mute
- XLR In/Out

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