Steelaire Series

The Steelaire Combo ($1,399 USD)

15” Eminence, Custom Neo Speaker, 35 Pounds, 21”H x 23“W x 9”D, Open Back

Longer, lower, wider, with more cubic inches the Steelaire Combo delivers the full 200 watt potential of the Quilter power plant to a custom designed 15” driver with a 4-inch aluminum dome. This is by far our loudest, cleanest combo, for those who demand uncompromised tone and headroom, with about half the weight of previous industry workhorses. Our best control set and interface features, including a 9V DC jack for auxiliary pedals, make this the “go-to” choice for steel guitar players and anyone else seeking maximum clarity and chime in a single-piece package.

The Steelaire Pro ($1,799 USD)

15” Eminence Custom Neo Speaker, 35 Pounds, 23”H x 21“W x 10.5”D, Open Back

The Steelaire Pro combines all of the benefits of the Steelaire Combo in a unique 2-piece package especially oriented towards the needs of the working professional on stage and in the studio. The vintage appearance fits in anywhere and gives the producer an immediate feeling of confidence, but the “secret weapon” is an easily detachable chassis that allows the speaker to be remotely isolated while the performer keeps the head within easy reach. We use our same custom 15” speaker in a slightly deeper, taller cabinet, providing an alternative standard of tone with slightly more bass. The cabinet also has useful cable-routing and stowage spaces, allowing the amp to be deployed and struck quickly with all accessories still connected.

Both Steelaire models include a protective ballistic nylon cover.

The Steelaire Rackmount ($999 USD)

Rackmount, 2 RU (7.75” D), 7.2 lbs, 200 watts

The Steelaire Rack Mount head is separately available, for those who prefer modular rigs or simply want the lightest, most flexible power plant available today. The head drives any load from 16 ohms to 2 ohms with excellent dynamics and warm, tube-like tone and vibrancy.

The Steelaire Extension($799 USD)

34 lbs (16kg), 20 x 23 x 11 in (50.8 x 58.4 x 28 cm)

The Steelaire Extension cabinet, constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch and covered with fabric-backed tolex, is the ultimate in rugged road gear while maintaining a classy boutique appearance. A padded, reinforced nylon cover is included to preserve its good looks for many years of service.


Remote Leg Mount Controller ($149 USD)

The Steelaire Leg mount switch provides access to 6 functions on the Steelaire while providing a convenient clamp to hold on to your Pedal Steel guitar's leg.

Floor Controller ($149 USD)

For conventional use, the 6 position foot controller provides a wide range of controls right at your feet.

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