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Adonis Frangiskakis , Guitarist of the band Guavatron! A continuously growing band in the electronic/jamtronica genre they are taking the world by storm! 

Is it a fruit? Is it a band? Is it a transforming mechanized battle robot from another planet? Well we aren't exactly sure but what we do know is that when this quartet comes together and plays it's not something you want to miss. Based out of West Palm Beach Florida, Guavatron has been taking the southeast music circuit by storm with their smooth jams and hard hitting peaks of musical ingenuity. 

Gaining a loyal fan base through local shows and pop up campsite sets at festivals, they have as of late been making the way to the top of lineups and opening for national touring bands such as Aqueous, Particle, Perpetual Groove and The Heavy Pets. With emphasis on improvisation, Guavatron creates a fresh sound at every show while keeping their roots of dance, rock, electronica, and funk involved.

He has been been playing for 15+ years and using Quilter as his main amp for the last 3 years. Adonis says. "I prefer them over tube amps any day!"

Adonis uses: