Atreyu Adams-Meacham
Atreyu Adams-Meacham

Atreyu Adams-Meacham, is an electric bass player located in Southern California. 

You may have seen him playing bass with: Kira Lise, Besos, Jordan Lyles, Krista Marina, Chris Farmer, Shelton Taylor, Olivia Ooms, David Rosales, Chozin, Blake Jones, and Lily Honigberg (to name a few.)

Atreyu plays mainly a Custom Nash P Bass and a Fretless Fender Jazz Bass with a Graphite neck. He pairs these with the Bass Block 802 and Bass Dock 12 with the following tone settings:

Depth: 5
Woof: 4
Bark: 7
Snap: 6

Atreyu Adams-Meacham uses: