Brian Wooten
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Brian Wooten

Brian Wooten Lead guitar player for Trace Adkins beginning in 2006. Brian was born on July 26, 1954 in Waukegan, Illinois. His father was in the Navy which caused the family to move around a lot, landing him in Beeville, Texas, in the fifth grade. At age 12 Brian’s parents bought Brian and his brother a Silvertone guitar and amp and the rest is history.

Gary Berry writes: "The very first time I saw him play was in a band called The Afternoon Tea at a free little concert at the city park in Refugio, Texas around 1967. The band was from Beeville, Tx., just up the road from Refugio and nobody had really heard of them. Brian Wooten was on guitar, Juan Segovia on bass, Billy Blackman on drums. I can't recall who the lead singer was, unfortunately, but what blew everyone away was Brian's note for note covers of Jimi Hendrix and Cream. The guys were in their teens, but could play their ass off.

Later, Brian, Juan ,and Billy played around Beeville and in Refugio as Wootsie. Brian's older brother also was in this group and played guitar and harp on some really good Beatle covers. Brian played fantastic lead guitar and just kept getting better and better.Brian was lead guitar player for a seminal Austin based Rock & Roll Band, Too Smooth. {1973 to 1981). Brian Wooten replaced Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV) in a band named "Stump". Stump later formed into Too Smooth." (Contributed by Billy Blackmon)

They were the PREMIERE Texas rock and roll band of the 1970s and early 80's. I've seen a lot of bands from Texas and none could touch Too Smooth’s overall musicianship (ALL of them were stellar).“I would see Brian in Too Smooth on occasion at The Sun Valley Club in Victoria. This club also hosted ZZ Top back when they toured with all their stuff in a U-Haul truck," said Roger Johnson

" I saw them in a little club off Data Point in 1977 or '78 and was blown away. Wooten was a great guitarist. I also saw them at Villa Fontana on a Sunday afternoon gig that place was sort of famous for. One of the best bands I ever saw, period.Brian was the guitarist of Christian rock band White Heart from 1990 to 1995. Also in the 90's, he played and co wrote songs on Petra albums including No Doubt, God Fixation, and Double Take. Known for his mastery of the guitar, featuring extremely melodic and inventive solos. In 2002 Brian also did Nashville studio work and touring with the country singer, Paul Brandt.

“Brian is unmatched as a guitarist, and that includes Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Johnson. He has been a prodigy since he was 14 (I was there). It's criminal he's never gotten the recognition he deserves. I've played with Brian Wooten many, many times and seen him in other bands many, many times and I must say I have NEVER heard him make a mistake.........his ability is almost scary. I'm glad others here are aware of him. If you get a chance to see him with Trace Adkins or a Too Smooth reunion, don't miss it." musician Mike Lowell

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