Deke Dickerson
Deke Dickerson

Since his early days with the Untamed Youth and the Dave and Deke Combo, Deke Dickerson has been getting his hands into various other parts of the entertainment business. In recent years he has had numerous songs placed in movies, television, and radio, and he has produced quite an impressive number of CDs, both at his own Ecco-Fonic Studios and elsewhere.

A partial list of Deke's producer credits: 

CD: Produced Mike Bell and the Belltones The Beat That Can't Be Beat (Goofin’ Records, Finland)

CD: Produced the Millwinders It's Love album

Television: Composed and produced music for the unaired Johnny Knoxville pilot "Knoxville" (ABC network)

Film: Composed and produced nine songs for the Jackie Chan/Johnny Knoxville film Skiptrace

CD: Produced the album Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen Bringin' Back The Trash! (Major Label Records)

CD: Produced the Deke Dickerson album Echosonic Eldorado(Major Label Records)

CD: Produced "Blind" Rage & Violence The End of Rock and Roll

CD: Produced Venturesmania Bound and Sidejacked Again, featuring Nokie Edwards

Film: Contributed two songs to the DVD release Jackass 3.5, starring Johnny Knoxville

CD: Produced the live Deke Dickerson and the Modern Sounds album Live at Duff's

Produced album for Lisa and Her Kin: Cocktails and Wishful Thinking

Film: Contributed "Knoxville Boogie" to the film Jackass 3-D, starring Johnny Knoxville

Film: Produced score and soundtrack for the documentary feature The Wild Whites of West Virginia (MTV Films)

CD and LP: produced and recorded (with Joe Tritschler) his own album King of the Whole Wide World (Major Label Records) 

Television: "Ain't Nothin' New Under the Sun," "Fuzz Sitar-A-Go-Go," and "Enchanted Moonlight Etude No. 1" used in an HBO documentary

Television: performed and recorded the theme song "Magic Carpet Melody" for the comedy special Allah Made Me Funny!

Satellite radio: contributed instrumental background music and guitar cues for XM Satellite Radio's Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan. Deke was also quoted and interviewed on the show by Bob Dylan. A Vanity Fair article called Deke and Elvis Costello the show's most frequently quoted guests. 

Television: "Henpecked Peckerwood" used in the NBC series Surface

Television: "Lady Killin' Papa" and "Brazilian Knights" used in an HBO documentary series

CD: produced Dig Wayne's Shack Rouser album (Rhythm Bomb Records) 

Film: performed "I Might Not Come Home at All" for Reeker,starring Devon Gummersall and Derek Richardson, directed by Dave Payne

CD: produced and recorded Jeremy Wakefield's Steel Guitar Caviar album (Ecco-Fonic Records) 

Film: performed "Sad Songs" for Sideways, starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, directed by Alexander Payne (20th Century-Fox) 

CD and LP: produced (with Billy Horton) Jimmie Lee Fautheree's I Found The Doorknob album (Ecco-Fonic Records)
Television: performed two songs onscreen with the Go-Nuts for the "Crispy Cruiser" episode of the Discovery Channel's Monster Garage

CD: produced the Roy Kay Trio's Wanderin' Mind album (LurLiner Records) 

CD and LP: produced the Go-Nuts' Dunk and Cover album (Lookout Records) 

CD: produced the Raging Teens' Rock and Roll Party album (Rubric Records) 

CD: produced various tracks on the Sun Records tribute compilation Good Rockin' Tonight (P'ist Records) 

Film: recorded "It's A Beautiful Day" for Election, starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick, directed by Alexander Payne (Paramount) 

CD and LP: produced Biller and Wakefield's The Hot Guitars of Biller and Wakefield album (HighTone/HMG Records) 

Film: appeared onscreen playing bass for the western swing band the Radio Ranch Straight Shooters in Alien Avengers II, directed by David Payne (Concorde-New Horizons Pictures) 

CD and LP: recorded the Fly-Rite Boys' Big Sandy Presents the Fly-Rite Boys album (HighTone/HMG Records) 

CD and LP: produced (with Skip Heller) Sammy Masters's Everybody Digs Sammy Masters album (Dionysus Records) 

CD and LP: produced the Untamed Youth's Youth Runs Wildalbum (Norton Records) 

CD and LP: recorded Davie Allan and the Phantom Surfers' Skaterhater album (Lookout Records) 

CD and LP: mixed the Huntington Cads' Introduce the New Sound album (Mai Tai Records) 

Film: performed "Henpecked Peckerwood" with the Dave and Deke Combo for Lewis & Clark & George, starring Salvator Xuereb and Dan Gunther, directed by Rod McCall (Dark Matter Productions) 

CD and LP: produced the Untamed Youth's Planet Mace album (Estrus Records) 

Film: performed "Real Cool Rocket" and "The Stranger Walks" with the Dave and Deke Combo for Alien Avengers, produced by Roger Corman (Concorde-New Horizons Pictures) 

CD: produced (with Mel Bergmann) the Go-Nuts' World's Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock and Gorilla Entertainment Revue album (Planet Pimp Records) 

Film: performed "Real Cool Rocket" and "The Stranger Walks" with the Dave and Deke Combo for Not Like Us, directed by David Payne (Concorde-New Horizons Pictures) 

CD and LP: produced the Untamed Youth's album Live from the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip (Estrus Records) 

And, of course, Deke is also very proud of the Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics records that he did with Mark Neill:

The Melody (2005)
In 3 Dimensions (2003)
Rhythm Rhyme & Truth (2000)
More Million Sellers (1999)
Number One Hit Record (1998)

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