Dennis Hill
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Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill started his musical journey as the singer/songwriter/guitar player of The Poorboys––who were signed to Hollywood Records in 1990 and released the hit album Pardon Me in 1992. The album charted three Top 5 AOR radio singles, which in turn, put the band on the road with some of the biggest names in rock.

"Opening for Bryan Adams, The Allman Brothers, Peter Frampton, The Arc Angels were the fucking most epic experiences and education ever," said Hill. "So many great players and tones to soak in––and really nice people, to boot. Bryan had me up every night during encore singing with him... that's insane!"

After returning to the studio to record their second album, a shakeup in the top brass at Hollywood Records rendered The Poorboys without a deal and a second record that was never released. The band continued to tour for a year, but inevitably split. Bruised but not beaten from his major label experience, Hill began to produce and write for other artists as well as forming the group, Lefty––who were signed by Interscope Records in 1999 and released the album 4-3-2-1 in 2000.

"It was amazing getting to produce those records, learn that craft and have others ask you to do their albums," recalls Hill.

He has worked with the band Lit on their Black album, Fenix TX on Lechuza, Denver Harbor on Scenic and many others in the early 2000’s––as well as venturing into Nashville in 2005.

“To me, Nashville is so exciting because it’s really sort of like classic rock, rearing it’s head... and the writers are amazing!” Hill says.

Sammy Hagar with Kid Rock and Joe Satriani, Lit, Montgomery Gentry, Colt Ford have all covered songs written by Hill in Nashville.

In 2008, Dennis formed the popular Country/Rock band Good Man Down––based out of Orange County, California. Along with Steve Garvy, Kyle Homme, Kevin Baldes and Kenny Livingston, they released their self-titled album. Good Man Down also wrote the song, "This Is Not A Rodeo” for a documentary about the Professional Bull Riders event with the same name.

Hill continues to write for films and just completed his first full-length feature score in the 2019 critically-acclaimed documentary, American Relapse. He also began playing guitar as a sideman for other artists such as Lit, Fenix TX, Denver Harbor, The Honky Tonk Angels Band, The Unforgiven––to name a few.

In 2009, Dennis began playing with the seminal 90’s punk rock band, Face To Face––eventually becoming a full-time member.

“About 80% of the touring we do are fly-in dates and it was always a gamble on what kind of amp I’d get. It really got to be a shitty roll of the dice," admits Dennis.

After going to Styles Music (a local music store) for guitar strings, Hill was airing his disdain for his current touring sound when Gregg Styles offered up a solution.

"Gregg plugs in this little head that weighs a couple of pounds and goes, 'check this out!’"

"I was like, 'does it have tubes?' and he just kind of smiles and says, 'play it and then you tell me.' The whole affair is documented on the internet somewhere,” Hill recalls.

Dennis says “the Quilter Mini 101 is golden for me. It's right on my pedal board and takes overdrive pedals like a champ! With short cables for my effects loop, one long cable "in" and one long speaker cable "out"–– BOOM! Done! Up and rolling in seconds."

"Foolproof tone at whatever level I have to be at––for various rooms and outdoor stages. I love when the sound guys ask, 'where’s your amp?' and I point to the pedal board." Hill laughs. "My Quilter always gets the 'front-of-house, FUCK YES seal of approval.'”

Recently, Dennis ordered the Quilter Overdrive 200 for even more gain stage options.


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