Gino Matteo  -  Gino Matteo - Jade Bennett

Gino Matteo is carving the spot he deserves in the roots world. The sensational guitarist, songwriter and powerfully emotional live performance powerhouse that has empowered the Sugaray hit machine for nearly a decade, Gino has destroyed countless audiences here in the US and abroad with his powerful wit, gut ripping playing, and incredibly gifted musicianship.

With an explosive, spontaneous, and original live show equaling the most legendary of blues players, Gino along with the unbelievable power house vocals of his lovely and talented wife Jade Bennett have been heating up the blues circuit across the western US and internationally. The powerhouse dream team bring a raw and soulful interpretation to roots music moving it forward progressively and creatively.

Jade Bennett is destined to leave a legacy as one of the finest singers in music. Packing a soulful and powerful voice betraying a depth of heart and soul unequaled in modern music. Her voice will simply leave you speechless. A powerful storyteller with instant and timeless classics such as “Why buy the cow” and “Point of No Return” she leaves crowds stunned. Her voice is unmistakable. She has her own story to tell and an unrelenting powerhouse voice to deliver it. Her performances will level you and if you listen close, they’ll change you. Bennett recently released her debut album for Rip Cat Records entitled Death Time Love.

Gino Matteo and Jade Bennett are here and it’s beautiful! They are currently booking tours in the US and Internationally.