JD Bradshaw
JD Bradshaw

Biography from 1986-Present

Killer Elite [1986-1990] - Recorded 3 demos and 1 full release"Mad as hell",exposure in Metal Maniacs Magazine,East coast rocker,Pennslyvania musician,The Beachcomber and various undeground metal fanzines worldwide..Radio airplay in Brest France with a top 40 hit "Holy hell",Gigged in Va,MD,Del,Pa,NJ,DC and a few area Metal festivals..Signed a 1 year contract with Power Rock Entertainment in 1989.. Appeared on "Sonic Blitz"metal tv cable show from Wilmington,Del..Re-Release of"Mad as hell"in 2004 on Morbid souls records...Style:Thrash-Speed-Death metal

CAULDRON -[1990-1991] I used to be in this band with Matt Barlow ( ICED EARTH) and his brother Jim..We recorded a rough demo and played about 5 shows around the Ocean city,Maryland -Seaford,Delaware area before they relocated to Fla...STYLE: Thrash Metal

Pendragon[1991-1992] recorded "1" 3 song demo and played in Ocean city,Md..Exposure in Maryland Musician music paper Style: 80's metal

Red Alert[1992-1994] Recorded 8 song demo and performed in Md,NJ and Del,Featured band in local music paper and demo reviewed in Maryland Musician music paper.. Style: 80's metal-Classic rock

1994 Auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne and Kix for guitarist position..Mailed in promo kit to Roxx Gang and Overkill for guitarist position..

1994-On call guitarist for Black Elvis,played gigs in NC,Va and Md...Style: Elvis covers-R&B and Blues

Rocking Horse[1995-1996] WVES 99.3 Hot Country band..Exposure in local paper,Radio airplay and interviews on 99.3 WVES, gigged in Va and Md Style:Modern Country

Whiskey River-[1996-1998] Recorded 4 song demo,played around Md,Del,Va,Exposure in local music papers,1st runner up in Jimmy Dean talent search in Springfield,Va,Airplay on local radio show"Freestyle Friday night" Style:Modern Country-Classic rock

I.B.S-[1996-1998] Recorded 2 demos and a full release 20 song cd "Chickens and Clowns" on Jonny Dudd records, 2 East coast tours from Md,Va,NC,SC,GA,Fla with Gardy loo and The Spoits ,Exposure in Musician Monthly magazine,local newspapers and various underground fanzines,Airplay on "Freestyle Friday Night"local radio show Style:Adult humor mixed with metal influences

1998-2002 - Recorded 2 instrumental guitar rock cds"Caught in the Act"-"Essence of Existence"..Read more about these on my site

2002 - Signed a 2 year management contract with Bandsbackstage.com from Ridgecrest,Ca with promotion, exposure,bumper stickers and airplay worldwide pertaining to both of my instrumental guitar rock releases

2002- 2003 - JD Bradshaw Band [ 3 piece band ]...Exposure in local music papers,Airplay on local radio stations,played on Eastern shore of Va in local club showcases..This band performed my songs off of both cds with a few cover tunes..Style: Instrumental guitar rock

Early 2004- middle of 2005- Playing clubs in a part-time cover band [Md,Del,Va]

Nov 2004 - Endorsed by U.S.Music Corp,Randall amplifiers and Washburn custom shop guitars..3 year Emerging artist contract,Exposure and recognised on the Randall amplifier and Washburn guitars website in the emerging artist section..

Late 2005-Present - *Currently exploring new musical ventures,promoting my music,performing live,giving guitar lessons, more exposure and recording my new cd " 3rd Time Around "which will be released in 2006..Officially sponsored by Bandsbackstage.com with a new contract as their spokesman.Interviewed by Rogg TV..Still Endorsed by U.S.Music corp..

2006 in review- Promoting and selling my new cd 3rd Time Around and now endorsed with In Tune Guitar Picks..Endorsed with U.S.music Corp,Randall amps, Washburn guitars..Rogg TV has shot JD's first music video for the song Ostara..Writer/Columnist for Wild Child magazine..Featured musician on The Polishing of metal from Emperor Multimedia..MTV's "Date my mom" reality show used one of my songs on the 2006 spring break episode..

2007- Unleashed an underground recording project called "Wartanas" that disturbed a few idiots and got under the skin of some local gossips in my area (hahaha!) With a reaction like that I knew it was off the hook!...Endorsed by Randall,Washburn and Intune guitar picks..JD'S RIFF NOTES column is still going strong Wildchild mag.com.. Made With Hate Records from Canada are re-issueing w/ distribution the Infernal Ritual cd from Wartanas..Recieving Airplay on Emmission Overdrive in France,Rampage Radio,my band cam.com and a write up in the Eastern shore post..Versailles Records has included "Firecracker"on their Race Track Rock Vol.1,2 and 3 release...From May 2007 - Feb 08 JD was in a Va beach,Va metal band who are from the Hampton Roads,Va area...Nov 1st 2007 JD's 3 year endorser contract with U.S.Music Corp,Washburn and Randall expires and he did not renew with them....

Starting Feb 2008 - I am in the process of writing new songs while creating more positive opportunitys as a solo artist /freelance musician /guitar teacher..I am now endorsed with Mental Metal Custom Extreme Guitar - Bass Knobs, Hot Picks Usa and Sfarzo guitar strings..(Feb 2010)New endorsement with Big Bends LLC(June 2010) New endorsement with Godlyke Dist. Inc(Oct 2010)Added to the PRS guitars website with an "Artist Profile" and endorsed by PRS Guitars..Lead guitarist in Woodstok Nation from July 2009 -Dec 2010..Aug 2011 joined The Debbie Caldwell Band as their lead guitarist and released my 4th solo cd in Sept 2011..Endorsed by Hardwire /Digitech in Jan 2012..Endorsed by Intex Cables in March 2013..Started playing shows with The Debbie Caldwell Band and Debbie & JD Acoustic Duo in 2011 through present day

New endorsement :Quilter Labs (May 2016)...Nov 2017 -Lead Guitarist in KAOTIK

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