John Dante and the Inferno
John Dante and the Inferno

John Dante is a guitarist, songwriter, producer and frontman of the psychadelic rock and roll band from outer space The Inferno!! John Dante and the Inferno brings a mixture of funk, punk, blues, heavy metal, rock 'n roll and jam band elements from another dimension to create their sound.

     John Dante and the Inferno formed in 2008 playing BBQ Blues Jams, House Parties and Open Mics. The band has since evolved into an out of this world rock and roll experience playing Clubs, Music Festivals and Live Streams and developing a strong underground following of psychonauts and music lovers in the jam, indie rock, and heavy metal communities

    John Dante and the Inferno has released 4 EP's and 4 full-legnth albums  since their inception in '08 including the most recent double album Truth (2019) and Lies (2020) recorded in-house by Inferno Productions.

   John Dante has been playing and studying guitar for 20 years. He is a graduate of MI Hollywood and a student of the National Guitar Workshop with over 10 years of onstage and in-studio experience.  John Dante now produces music with his own label Inferno Productions.


'I love my Quilter amps, I have been using the 200 series for 5 years now. The tone and performance is unreal; they are durable, reliable, powerful, and LOUD. And the HD cabs outperform most PA systems'

     -John Dante

John Dante and the Inferno uses: