Justin Williamson
Associated with: Brad Paisley
Justin Williamson

A native Alaskan, Justin moved to Casper Wyoming at the tender age of 3. He grew up like a typical Wyoming boy, shooting at prairie dogs, skiing the local mountains, and of course listening to bluegrass and country music. Picking up the fiddle at the tender age of 6, Williamson was fortunate enough to quickly pick up a great teachers like Toby Lyons who taught him old school fiddle, Susan Mullins, who continued his progress and Jim Mothersbaugh who taught him orchestral and classical music, and Elizabeth Small a Julliard graduate who honed his classical chops. 

Having spent countless hours practicing, he left the small town of Casper headed for music row in Nashville. "You have to go where the hot spot is, whether that be Nashville, New York, L.A., Austin, Atlanta, etc. In order to “make it” you’re gonna have to leave home. The reason is, at home you’re a big fish in a small pond. You have to get out into the open waters. This does two things for you: makes or breaks you."

Taking up lessons at Belmont University, and majoring in classical, he ultimately learned the all important truth about musicianship. When Belmont became a little too expensive, Williamson turned to the more, ah, traditional life of a musician - working a day job and playing bar gigs at night. And that's when life got really interesting. "I went to Belmont University in Nashville majoring in classical performance and had heard of Brad because he graduated the previous year. Some of his friends were still there at the time and I ended up meeting them. To this day, some of them are his co-writers and I’ll occasionally see them. His drummer at that time was working with a buddy of mine, who was also going to Belmont, had mentioned Brad was looking for a fiddle player. I set up a meeting with him at BMI, which is right on Music Row down the street from Belmont U. I brought my fiddle and a little packet of my musical past and we sat down and jammed for about an hour. He said, “Well, you can play in tune. You’re hired.”

The rest they say is history. Now Brad's longtime sideman, Justin can be heard on all of Paisley's releases since. Using a Quilter BlockDock 12HD and an (as of right now, secret amplifier) Justin continues taking the world by storm and building upon the foundations of professional showmanship. 
"I knew what kind of talent he was says Mothersbaugh. I knew how hard he worked. And I knew he'd listened to my advice: Be on time, be prepared, do what people ask, and don't play with a beer in your hand."

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