Lee Williamson
Associated with: Walk Off The Earth
Lee Williamson

Solidly laying down the sound as the stellar lead guitarist for Walk Off The Earth's action packed live performances, Lee serves both as the epic "stunt guitarist" and an integral part of the show itself. As Williamson proudly proclaims in the immortal Jimi Hendrix quote. "I'm Gonna pick up my axe and fight like a farmer."

A multi instrumentalist even from an early age, Lee laid hold of a stringed instrument early on and never looked back. 'My early influences were the players who really moved me both with their technical prowess and their raw emotion. Players like Randy Rhodes, Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Ry Cooder, & Dimebag really pushed the limits and inspired me to reach deep to achieve something greater than average. It really made me fall in love with those 6 strings and a song.' By the time he blew out of high school he was already heavily involved in the local music scene joining and forming many musical acts.

But the magic does not end with guitar alone. Lee also fills in for many songs on various alternative instruments; banjo, bass, mandolin, ukulele, ukulele bass, and more that help to make the magic behind Walk off the Earth's unconventional approach to making music.

Lee plays one of a dozen guitars on tour but tends to favor Quilter Amps, Krych Cabinets, BigJoe Stompbox, D'Addario Strings and Cables to complete his rig.

'Yeah, it is kind of dangerous at a WOTE gig for instruments. They are often seen flying 50 feet or more across the stage and occasionally we have casualties,' said Williamson.

'I would not be able to tour the world as simply or as easily as I can with Quilter amplifiers. They make professional equipment that you can rely on to sound and feel the same every night. Believe me when I tell you, backline is notoriously unreliable. Quilter amps never are.'

Lee spends his time playing guitar and enjoying the occasional re-run of his favorite movie Blade Runner when he isn't tearing up stages all over the world.

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