Mason Stoops  - 

You may not recognize Mason Stoops (yet), but once you spot the scrawny young guy with glasses and the unique white Tele in a demo video or on Instagram, you’ll start to notice he’s everywhere. Over the years, this Southern California-based guitarist has done demo videos on YouTube for a variety of manufacturers – Vertex, Lotus Pedal Designs, Eastwood and Bullet Cable – he’s backed singer-songwriter Brynn Elliott, worked on TV and movie scores and a lot more.

The clips sound fantastic but there’s not a lot of information about Stoops online. So we decided to interview this up-and-coming player about his background and that Fender (which, it turns out, is not a Fender). We found a passionate musician who lives and breathes guitar and has a lot of connections with FJ favorites Blake Mills and Reuben Cox (owner of the Olde Style Guitar Shop and a frequent FJ contributor).