Sean Kipe  -  The Calling

Receiving his first guitar at the age of nine, Sean Kipe would unknowingly set out on a life-long passion for music. The guitar was a used, no name acoustic found at a yard sale. Figuring it would never get played, his mother was reluctant to buy the guitar at first, but soon gave in. Sean immediately fell in love with the instrument, devoting every free minute he had to it, and that Christmas, got his very first electric guitar. Throughout the next several years, most of his time was spent practicing, writing music and trying to develop a style of his own. Of this time he says, “Other kids were out at parties or getting into trouble. I was home playing guitar in my room. I spent a lot of time by myself just playing and listening to music. I was completely happy with that. I loved it”

At the age of 19, Sean moved to Los Angeles from his hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland to pursue music as a career. Within a few years of playing in various local bands (most notably the LA band Doheny, featuring front man JS Clayden of the English elctro-rock band PitchShifter and Billy Morrison of The Cult / Billy Idol) he joined the pop band Dirtie Blonde, who had recently signed to Jive Records. They released one album and toured extensively with artists such as Nick Lachey and INXS, though never having more than one radio single (“Walk Over Me”) from the record. That, coupled with growing tensions within the band, forced them to split soon after their yearlong US/Canadian tour ended. Quickly after he left the group, Sean joined Course of Nature. They released the album “Damaged” together on Silent Majority/Warner ILG and toured the US, most notably performing on FOX Television live from Times Square on New Years Eve 2008. The band had moderate success with their song “Anger Cage”, which broke top 40 radio, but fizzled out not long after. Sean and lead singer Mark Wilkerson began working on material for a new record. The process was slow and frustrating, and was later placed on permanent hold. It was during this time that he met Alex Band.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Sean was asked to Alex on guitar for his upcoming tour in support of his solo album “We’ve All Been There”. The two quickly became friends and toured together several more times before Alex asked Sean to be a permanent fixture in the band. Once back in Los Angeles, they soon began writing what would become The Calling’s first album in nearly a decade. Sean brings a distinctive, edgy sound to the new record with hints of 90’s alternative rock seamlessly blended with the contemporary pop/rock music of today. From soulful guitar solos to bluesy riffs, Sean Kipe has helped define the new sound of The Calling. Currently on hiatus, Sean is living in Atlanta.