Stuart Ziff
Associated with: WAR
Stuart Ziff

I was born in Buffalo and grew up on the east coast, and like many of the guys from my generation who were born in the 50’s and grew up in the 60’s we were fortunate enough to hear the Beatles and the Stones and all the British Invasion groups who along with American R&B and Blues influenced us to go on to be aspiring guitarists. For me it was Roots Rock and Roll along with R&B that shaped my future along with an adult portion of The Blues, and later on Jazz, that’s gotten me to where I am today.

In 1978, I moved down to NYC to pursue my freelance career. I’ve worked in the orchestra pits of Broadway in NYC, played on countless recording sessions supplying guitar to jingles and records for singer-songwriters.

After my time in NYC, I moved onto Nashville where I started my writing career and managed to get my first co-write on a Number 1 album, David Ball’s debut recording for Warner Bros. Records, in 1994. The first single off that recording, the title track ‘Thinking Problem”, went to Number 1. After that, I managed to do numerous recording sessions in Nashville and still continue to get cuts with other artists. Most notably, I had a song on the late Johnny Adams’ posthumous recording “Man Of My Word”, for Rounder Records. The name of that song was “Bulldog Break His Chain”. In 2000, I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue my freelance career of writing and performing. I co-wrote several songs for guitarist Gary Hoey for his 2003 CD “ Wake Up Call”, songs for film and TV, including National Lampoon’s “Cattle Call”, and songs for the Lifetime Network. 

In 2002 I became the guitarist for the LA-based band WAR and continue to tour with them. Quilter Amps, in particular the 101 head, have become central to my live and recorded sounds. Consistent, versatile and just plain old “Good Tone”, that’s what I get from my Quilter 101. It just sounds great, and really, that’s all I can say about it, since I’ve been a “tube“ guy my whole career. This amp delivers the goods night after night. I’m proud to be associated with this fine company. Groove on Quilter…

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