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What does it mean to be a Quilter artist?

Quilter artists belong to a worldwide family of elite musicians which we at Quilter are proud to share with the world.
We give them a place of respect and admiration on our site because we believe in them.
They are part of a respected worldwide network of Quilter artists dedicated to quality in all aspects of music.

What does Quilter expect of its artists?

Quilter expects artists to be active performers and/or teachers in the music industry.
Quilter helps our artists use our products consistently in the studio, on tour, and in clinics. Whatever and however a Quilter artist performs, they do it with expression and are open to sharing with others the fact that they found their voice on a Quilter amplifier or instrument.
We would hope that they would mention what model they play if given an opportunity. Artists like Allan Holdsworth (RIP) and Albert Lee are among the greats that have publicly called out Quilter products.

What limitations does Quilter have in supporting its artists?

Quilter Labs is a small company and we do not pay artists to play our products.
We do not offer freebies or loaners and do not generally give discounts. Artists on our page are there because they honestly and genuinely use Quilter products.
Quilter rarely, if ever, showcases artists in advertisements. We choose to promote our artists and their accomplishments in our own publications and social channels.
Quilter does not pay artists to play gigs or concerts other than Quilter events.

Will I get discounts on Quilter Products?

This may happen on a case-by-case basis. We are however a very small company, so it does not happen frequently. It tends to happen more when an artist supports us by tagging us on social media and helping us to promote the brand. (We get to know you and of course try to reciprocate by tagging you back.)

Is there a requirement to be on your artist page?

Yes. You should own a Quilter product for starters.
You should have a reasonably significant following. We want to see a strong social media, and online presence.
You should have a professional presentation. Which isn't to say you have to dress up like a doctor, but actually BE a professional.
We are a family brand. If your act features inordinate vulgarity, we probably won't add it to the site.
It is okay to name the associated act, but please do get permission from the management team to prevent embarassing take downs.
We reserve the right to be too busy to add it to the site. (We're a small company, and we can't get to them all. Sorry.)

Make your artist page submission here.
Please note that anything you submit will be used for publicity by Quilter Labs without renumeration of any kind and your entry signifies that you have and grant Quilter Labs permission to use any submitted images and written materials.

Please send a 512x512 pixel photo (Not vertical as our system auto crops to 512x512 and that may cut off your head.)
What is your name as you want it to appear?
If you play with someone, who is that someone? (Will appear as a header on the artist page.)
Where can we reach out via email?
Where can we reach you?
Where can we find you?
Use the whole URL of your Facebook account
Use the whole URL of your twitter account
Your YouTube Channel
Use the whole URL of your Instagram account
What should it say when someone shares your link on Facebook?
Give us the full YouTube link of the video you would like to have as a feature. (P.S. be sure it features you using your Quilter amp.)
Your story. (Keep it within about 1500 characters. Our stats show that no one reads the whole thing...)
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