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Phenix, AL, 36847
(334) 560-5202

Both owners of American Guitar Boutique have about 40 years’ experience as active, working musicians, although their backgrounds are quite different. Tim O’Brien began playing at age 21, in his native southern California, and began a career in music retail just a few years after. A venture into guitar amplifier design and manufacturing took him to Minneapolis, MN in 2000. It was there that he became employed at American Guitar Boutique, eventually purchasing the business in 2014 and moving it to Phenix City, AL to be nearer his family.

Mike Childree began his musical life at age 15, in southeast Alabama, before hitting the road as a touring bassist for most of the 1980’s. 1990 found him taking a short breather between bands in Columbus...and he simply never left. During 20+ years in corporate IT, he continued to work steadily in the local music scene, where he and Tim met and a music business partnership was ultimately formed.

With an extensive and diverse musical background, the owners of American Guitar Boutique know what working musicians need!