Google Maps Link 329 Elm Street
Manchester, NH, 03101

Locally owned and operated since 2005. New Hampshire's largest seller of guitars.

Locally owned full service music store. Sales, Service, Repairs, Rentals....and we love Trades! We pay cash for used Gear. Our store is a mix of used and new, our inventory is always changing and you never know what cool stuff you may come upon. MMM has a drum room, full of all sorts of drummy goodness, with new and used kits, tons of accessories and cymbals. MMM also has a large offering of lessons for Drum, Guitar, Bass, Woodwinds, Voice, Piano, Banjo, and Keys.

Manchester Music Mill has built a reputation as a destination with musicians young and old. We are a throwback to the days where the local musician was catered to, remembered, and like part of the family. We’ve built our business over the last 12 years from merely 10-20 guitars hanging on a wall and few measly amps, to what is now one of the largest music stores in New England. Last year our sales were just shy of 8 million dollars, with 2/3’s of that being sold right out of our local downtown Manchester NH brick and mortar location, with the remainder coming from online sales…and even some of those are local sales! 

Years ago, a small music store probably appeared in nearly every town and city in this country, but that’s no longer the case. Many smaller mom and pop stores did not survive the recession, and others have started up but today, with online stores to compete with, they were not able to get a foot hold to continue long-term. We’ve helped liquidate many smaller stores inventories when they closed, and it’s sad that it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit in a small store. You have to be able to compete with the larger online retailers. But, we’ve defied the odds starting as small as we did, being scrappy, and running our business very lean, for many years it was only two of us keeping the place running and working very long hours. We now have 20 employees, 11 teachers, and over 200 hundred students that walk our halls to learn how to play music each and every week. 

We’ve also added a full-service repair shop (The Music Techs), which not many stores offer, even the larger ones. We were fortunate to acquire some amazingly seasoned, and talented, technicians when Daddy’s Junky Music closed, and they’ve been with us ever since. It’s a great asset to have as business.

We get asked a lot what our secret is, but we don’t have any secret. We’ve built our reputation by treating our customers fairly and with respect and giving them the best deals and service we can, it’s as simple as that. As the business has grown so has my role as owner, but what I love most is realizing how music touches so many lives. We have customers that are lawyers, real estate agents, police officers, teachers, doctors, waste collectors, electricians, heck even my barber is a musician. We tend to think of musicians as one type of person but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been on vacations with my family in other parts of the country and run into customers, it’s amazing how far this little store in downtown Manchester NH can reach.