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Play Music Workshop之成立目的為致力促進及推廣香港音樂藝術的發展,我們相信音樂及藝術能作教化之用,並深具感染力。我們以培訓全面才能之音樂專才為目標,打好根基再深入了解每個不同課題,同時引入一套斬新之教學理念,改善傳統港式商業教學存在之弊病,配合專人編製之教材及筆記,能滿足不同學生需要及進度。


 Established to Play Music Workshop is committed to the promotion and development of Hong Kong to promote the art of music, we believe that music and the arts can be used for enlightenment, and possesses a strong appeal. Our comprehensive training to the musical talents as the goal, to lay the foundation of further in-depth understanding of each of the various topics, while introducing a new cut of teaching philosophy, to improve the shortcomings of traditional Hong Kong style of teaching presence, with textbooks and notes prepared by hand, can meet different students' needs and progress.In the future we will continue to adhere to the purpose nurture musical talents, but will quality musical instruments, accessories and services to all music lovers, allowing the public to enjoy the music brings joy in life!