I have been in Utah for 23 years, I moved here from Minneapolis in 1995. There were other many local makers to work alongside, and an environment of youthful, energetic creativity.

I provide violins ,violas and cellos.
I make new instruments, and provide adjustments , bow rehairs and repairs.

I have been doing my trade for 30 years and continue to learn each day. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with some of the best.

I have been told by many that I have a knack for adjusting and setting up instruments to reach the personal preference of the musician. I am a player myself and grew up in a family of musicians, so my goal is to communicate with my clients about ideas and concepts of sound, and then find the right playablity for the individual.

The sound and concept of my instruments is to provide an instrument that is easy to play and has a character to the sound which both projects and has warmth.

I find the recent models I am making liberating in that I am playing with dimensions and wood choice.

I play steel guitar , guitar and fiddle. I have been lucky to know so many great musicians locally and nationally. These days I just enjoy playing at home with the occasional gig out on the town. I do have a new group I play with called Lean Canteen . Playing country swing and rockabilly from the 50’s.

I enjoy the mountains, snowboarding and the wild west. I feel like I need another century to scratch the surface of what this state has to offer. I really appreciate feeling a part of this community.