At Sweetwater, we have one single goal in mind: to make you a satisfied customer. That single focus, driven from every aspect of the company's operation, is the key to our ongoing success. If you're a satisfied customer, you'll come back to us when you have additional gear needs in the future, and you'll tell your friends about us. Then if we can make them satisfied customers, the cycle continues.

Simple, But Not Easy

It seems so simple: just make your customers happy! In fact it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen - but not everyone is willing to make that effort. That very simple concept is the reason Sweetwater was founded in the first place. Back in 1979, Chuck Surack had a 4-track recording studio in the back of his VW bus. He'd record bands in local clubs, then take the tapes back to his home to mix and master them. Like every musician and studio owner, Chuck was always looking for new and better gear.

That's where the problem reared its ugly head...there wasn't a music/pro audio dealer around that provided the kind of service, support, selection, and pricing that would make Chuck a satisfied customer. At the same time, Chuck had begun creating sounds for the ground-breaking Kurzweil K250 keyboard, and selling those sounds to many of the biggest names in the industry. Those sound-design clients were also seeking a retailer they could trust. Chuck saw a niche, and Sweetwater's retail division was born.

An Unparalleled Experience

From Day One, Chuck was committed to providing a retail experience for his customers that was unparalleled - the sort of experience he always sought as a customer. Word of his commitment to service, his gear knowledge, and the support he offered spread, and Sweetwater quickly expanded, outgrowing several buildings along the way, and constantly expanding its staff.

It will come as no surprise, but the key to this growth is the staff. Each member of the Sweetwater family is as firmly committed to customer satisfaction as Chuck is. To work here requires experience and knowledge, but also a level of professionalism and integrity that isn't found at other retail establishments. We search the world over to find the very best people, then invest in their success through the most extensive training anywhere - and that training continues for as long as a person is employed here. (Tenures of 10, 15, 20, or even more years are not uncommon.)

Our Values

It comes down to values. At Sweetwater we truly value our customers. We place you first, in every situation. Whether you need advice, guidance, support...whatever it takes to ensure that you purchase the best product for your needs and that you get the most out of it is what we want to provide.

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated - with caring, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.

Fairness and Respect

After more than 35 years in business, we have seen the political and social landscape shift time and again. Sweetwater has been and will continue to be a company committed to one very simple principle: Always Do The Right Thing. We've committed this belief to the fabric of how we choose to do business.

We absolutely, unequivocally believe in treating every person fairly and with respect — regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, creed, religion, or political party. This begins with our employees and extends to our valued customers. We do not condone or accept discrimination in any form.

No matter the issues, we will stay the course and continue to simply do the right thing — with compassion, with integrity, and most certainly, without bias.

The Sweetwater Difference

We call all of this "The Sweetwater Difference" - a combination of customer service, after-sale support, and as much extra value as we can possibly pile on top of an already great deal to ensure that you come away from dealing with us with a smile on your face and with the gear you need to achieve your musical and audio goals.

Thank You

We're very pleased that you would give us the chance to earn your business by either calling us or visiting our site. We hope that you like what you see, and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that what we have said here is true. We consider it the highest honor when you choose us as your resource for music and audio gear. Thank you very much!

Why Choose Sweetwater?

The Sweetwater Difference is all about giving you the best shopping experience you've ever had. We want you to be 100% satisfied with not only the gear you purchase, but also with the service you receive. But the Sweetwater Difference goes far beyond this and includes extras you simply won't find anywhere else, all designed to ensure that you are a happy customer.

  • The Human Touch

    From helping you make the right gear decisions to ensuring that your order ships smoothly, to following up after you receive your gear, there's a real person taking care of your order. And every member of the Sweetwater staff is highly trained, highly experienced, and highly motivated to serve you, no matter what you need.

  • Advice from Someone Who Knows

    Sweetwater Sales Engineers are the best trained in the business. They know gear and understand your needs, and will be there to help you choose the equipment that's just right for you.

  • Friendly, Helpful Tech Support

    When questions come up, Sweetwater's technical support department is ready to help. We understand how your new gear works in the context of your setup, so we can get you up and running in no time. Plus, you can use our exclusive online SweetCare Knowledge Base to access more than 10,000 tech articles at any time, day or night.

  • Exclusive Free 2-year Warranty

    You can buy with confidence from Sweetwater. Your purchase is protected by Total Confidence Coverage, our exclusive FREE 2-year warranty. It comes "in the box" with nearly every product we offer.

  • Fast, Free Shipping

    Sweetwater's free shipping policy is the best on the planet, with no minimum purchase required. We provide speedy FedEx delivery with the latest same-day shipping cutoff in the business.

  • Ideal Gear Selection

    Sweetwater's warehouse is overflowing with more than 15,000 quality products from the very best names in the industry. When you shop with us you can be confident we have exactly what you're looking for.

  • The Best Value

    At Sweetwater, we make sure you get the best value for your money, with great gear at the lowest-possible prices. Plus, our online DealZone includes hundreds of rebates, price drops, B-stock savings, and other savings opportunities.

  • The Most Payment Options

    We offer more payment and financing choices than any other music dealer. From our Sweetwater Card, with 24 Months* Interest Free Financing on many brands, to our 3 Easy Payments plan, from BillMeLater to gear leases, the options we offer make it easy for you to you get the gear you need.

  • The Best Online Music Technology Resource

    When you're researching products or looking for tech support, count on Sweetwater.com! We were recognized as one of the "Nine Essential Online Resources" by Electronic Musician magazine. Features such as our exclusive Guitar GalleryCable Finder, and Comparison Shopping give you the tools you need to make the right buying decision.