SWING CITY MUSIC - Edwardsville
SWING CITY MUSIC - Edwardsville
Google Maps Link 244 South Buchanan
Edwardsville, IL, 62234

We pride ourselves on being extremely versatile.

So while guitars, drums and PA are our biggest forms of stock, we also have a plethora of services to offer our customers. From our great no-hassle band instrument rental program to our sound & light technicians that are available to help ease your mind about whatever event you’re running, we have the tools to help you with your needs.

Swing City Music also has a large variety of product lines in-stock.

Some of our main lines include Fender, Martin, Ibanez, Gretsch, Orange, Pearl, Genz-Benz, JBL, Yamaha, and EV. For other brands that you may be interested in but aren’t listed you can contact us at 618-345-6700. Our stock includes between 350 to 400 guitars at any given time, ranging anywhere from $99.99 on up to about $5000 top end. Such  variety allows us to bridge the gap between a one-trick store and a one-stop music warehouse. Our large floor space also allows us to meet the needs of any customer eager to make their next purchase. Contact us today » 

Our consignment policy is excellent for customers who have some old gear that they would like to pass on. We will work with you to make sure you aren’t getting short-changed by giving you a thorough, written evaluation of what your instrument or amp is worth so you can make the best educated decision. Another great service we provide is the ability to enroll into our lesson program. Students are assigned to an experienced  instructor once a week who will personally work with them and teach the ins and outs of the designated instrument. With recitals twice a year to show off what students have learned, our lessons program is a great way to begin your musical journey.  Read more about our policies and services » 

Whether it be musical instruments, PA, DJ & lighting or just a general desire to improve your sound, the Swing City family has the passion and drive to make sure you get what you need every time you walk through our doors.  Swing City Music, family owned and operated, has been in business for over 50 years and we look forward to making every moment count. So swing by or give us a call and help us to continue making history one instrument at a time.