Google Maps Link 3276 NW Plaza Rd #103
Silverdale, WA, 98383

Ted Brown was passionate about helping people make music. When he opened the doors to his first music store in 1931, he worked with a small team of people who shared that passion. Today, Ted Brown Music has grown to become a leader in the Northwest music community, serving the diverse needs of six cities across Washington State. From instrument rentals and repairs to guitars, drums, pro audio, music lessons, live events, and more, Ted Brown Music is Washington’s premier provider of all things music.

A lot has changed, but after all these years, we're still passionate about helping others make music. Whether you're a couch-bound strummer or a first-chair virtuoso, Ted Brown Music gives musicians the tools they need to pursue their passion. Our educational services representatives work with local school districts to help support and grow their music programs, offering free instrument pickup and delivery from school and providing complimentary services at school music events. Our nonprofit, Ted Brown Music Outreach helps ensure everyone gets to experience the joy of music by putting instruments in the hands of young musicians.

Our message is simple: Your music is our passion!