Upfront Guitars and Music
Upfront Guitars and Music
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Bellingham , MA, 02019

Why Buy from UpFront?

We love guitars, we love music, and we want to carry products that people get excited about, want to talk about, and share with their friends. Buying a piece of quality gear should be an enjoyable experience....it's a guitar or amp not an appliance. So whether you shop online or in person at the UFG Studio, you'll be dealing with people who know the product, play the product, and can help you decide which piece fits your style and musical ambitions. The better we know the product, the better we can help you make the right choice. Each player has a different passion, purpose, and personality - your gear should be the right fit - and offer high performance, exceptional fit and finish, and the quality and durability to stand up to the rigors of the road.

Shopping for quality musical instruments is sometimes a daunting task. Big Box stores offer lots of product – much of it rather generic – and often lack the service and knowledge to provide a satisfactory shopping experience. On the other hand, many independent retailers are focused on lessons and accessories, foregoing higher quality product in favor of starter packages. UpFront Guitars gives visitors a comfortable, hands-on experience with great gear and honest conversations.