Why can’t I find your amps in my local store?

To put it simply, it isn't easy for small local music shops to carry an ever increasing array of musical products in a market that is declining. 

People are often surprised at the challenges that our industry faces. Whenever a product category is in a period of decline, most smaller shops won't take a "risk" on new technologies. Music programs in schools are largely under-funded and in many cases non-existent. Unlike the age of the Beatles, many kids today grow up far more involved with video games and apps on cell phones than spending time honing their skills on an instrument. Add to it the fact that the typical musician hasn't gotten a raise for their work since the 60's and it is a recipe for disaster for the average small music store owner. Only the most passionate and caring have survived. For manufacturers like us, building products domestically is incredibly expensive and the backlash against building them anywhere else (as well as the random tariffs from year to year) pretty much make running a business next to impossible even for serious professionals with a dream and passion. 

Buying and selling is increasingly done on the internet. This is largely due to the fact that most dealers offer generous return policies. For the most part, those most willing to adopt Quilter products are those who focus on online sales. Our products are light and therefore cost less to ship, and ultimately are "friendlier" to most online retailers. For the local music store trying to compete it is often a tragic reality that they are the "showroom for every Amazon purchase" and often lose the sale to the cell phone in the customer's back pocket after investing hours of time and the constant wear on the gear. 

That said, let us be clear. We ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE in the local music store and believe that they are the best place to learn and grow with passionate and caring people who love music and dream day after day of seeing people experience the joy of music like they typically do. We do everything we can to support them and partner with them in serving you. 

But we are also realistic about the difficult position they face. It is NOT easy building a brand of exceptional performance products in an industry that has had the reputation of "solid state" tarnished over many decades by inferior products. (Yeah, we're looking at you $99 "Strat packs" on sale at the local "club mart" creating a false impression of what well developed and built quality products can and should be.) This makes growing a brand or even having a discussion with a local dealer difficult. Especially in a declining market where most small shops don't even want to think of stocking yet another brand. 

This is where you fit in. 

Quilter is the fastest growing amplifier company in the world today. But for nearly every dealer on our dealer page, it started with someone like you that helped the local dealer realize the movement we have begun. Like your favorite dealer we are a small and passionate shop too. We really do live for making the world better through music and honestly ask ourselves if every action we take is the best thing for music. We believe that our relationship with you and you in turn forming a relationship and supporting your local dealer matters. So we humbly ask that you tell your local shop about us. We all win when we work together. 

Sometimes they just aren't interested, and when that happens, it's okay. Try one of our online retailers whom we carefully scrutinize to ensure that they deliver a consistent level of support and performance that goes above and beyond. Thank you.