Meet Patrick
From a simple need to a life long quest

"In 1967, my brother, the professional musician in the family, was starting his first band. His bass player was looking for a bass amp that was powerful, loud and reliable." Pat always enjoyed problem-solving, and here was an opportunity to combine this with a love of music. "So with the help of some books and a rudimentary understanding of audio tone circuits, I built him one. It was crude and I had to do everything over at least twice, but it finally played pretty well."

That rather simple but auspicious first step led to developments that would eventually change the pro audio and amplification landscape. Pat Quilter, who started out making discrete-transistor and tube amps in the late 60's, subsequently became one of the preeminent designers of high power audio amplifiers. As one of the founders of QSC Audio (originally Quilter Sound Company), a leading manufacturer of pro audio amplifiers, loudspeakers and digital audio systems, Pat's retirement as Chief Technology Officer ushered in an opportunity to launch a "rebirth" of his original love - guitar amps. Over the decades, the once-mysterious secrets of great tone have slowly been revealed, and it is now possible to combine the warmth and vitality of vintage tone with the headroom and clarity of modern high-efficiency electronics. 

Meet Patrick Quilter
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