DISCONTINUED : Aviator Gen 1 8 inch combo

Aviator Gen 1 8 inch combo

Aviator Gen 1 8 inch combo
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Perhaps the ultimate sleeper, the Aviator Ultralight Eight might rank highest in the power versus portability ratio. Don't underestimate this little guy. It keeps up with most 40-60 watt 12" tube amps easily and has enough low end to leave you slack jawed in awe. The Aviator “ultralight” is a fully enclosed cabinet with an 8" high output full range driver. It is in a word a breath-taking tone and power that will keep on surprising you day after day, gig after gig.
Our most popular amplifier in the Gen 1 Aviator line.
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Power Output: Channel 1: 100 W RMS Channel 2: 100 W RMS Total: 200 W RMS
AC Power Req.:100–240V, 50–60 Hz, 250 W maximum.
Input Connections: ¼" mono jacks (Aux and Guitar)
Input Impedance:AUX: 100K ohms GUITAR: 2M ohms
FX LoopSend: ¼" mono, -10dB, 1K ohms Return: ¼" mono, -10dB, 50K ohms
Speaker 1 Output: 8 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Speaker 2 Output: 4-8 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Weight22.6 Pounds (10.3 Kg)
Size14.5”H x 17.2”W x 8.4”D (368x437x214mm)


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