DISCONTINUED : Aviator Gen 1 Twin Ten

If you love chesty midrange and staggering bottom end, this may just be your amp. This is the amp of choice for many players on larger stages as the raw power is simply unequaled. Utilizing twin G10 Vintage speakers we put them into an open back cabinet in order to deliver the most incredible tone that a ten inch speaker can deliver. If you love open back tens or if you are already playing a 4x10 cabinet, this is your most likely suspect.

Aviator Gen 1 Twin Ten

You will love the incredible lightweight and be astonished at how much this little twin can put out relative to it's dimunitive weight and size. Ready to take it out for a test The Aviator twin delivers two 10” Celestion G10 Vintage speakers that deliver a refined and warmer tone at incredible power levels. If you love your open back combo tone but want to shed some pounds and pick up some great tone try the open ten!

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