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Aviator Gold Twelve

Aviator Gold Twelve
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If you have to have that: cutting and passionate lead tone, this is your amp. Using a beautiful Classic Lead 80 speaker, you will get a smooth and balanced tone excellent for raw power.
The Aviator Open Twelve: is great for lead work and capable of huge volume. It has quickly become a tone standard for serious touring professionals and truly delivers on the promise of that awesome 12" open backed speaker tone.
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Power Output:Channel 1: 100 W RMS Channel 2: 100 W RMS Total: 200 W RMS
AC Power Req.:100–240V, 50–60 Hz, 250 W maximum.
Input Connections:¼" mono jacks (Aux and Guitar)
Input Impedance:AUX: 100K ohms GUITAR: 2M ohms
FX LoopSend: ¼" mono, -10dB, 1K ohms Return: ¼" mono, -10dB, 50K ohms
Speaker 1 Output:8 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Speaker 2 Output:4-8 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Weight33.8 Pounds 17.5”H x 23”W x 9”D (445x584x229mm)


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