BassDock : Bassliner 1x12W : $899.00

The Bassliner 1x12W is a sealed wedge featuring an earth shaking long-throw 12 inch Eminence Kappalite 3012LF neodymium speaker, paired with a powerful Eminence BGH25 compression driver, with crossover voiced for sparkle without harshness. Drivers are front-mounted behind an aluminum grille, in a one-piece pro-audio cabinet built with specially sourced light-core plywood, to cut every ounce of weight without sacrificing power or tone.


Bassliner 1x12W

The long-throw 12" speaker delivers amazing depth with a smooth midbass response. The rear mounted BassDock accepts the mighty Quilter Bass Block, which can drive one or two cabinets to full power. Even with head installed, weight is under 34 lbs (15.5kg) for easy portability. Wedge "tops" can be stacked on ported "bottoms" for a neat-looking and potent stage rig. Includes nylon dust cover with pouch.

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