MicroPro : Mach 2 Combo 10 : $1,049.00

The Quilter 10-inch Mach 2 combo is the choice for those looking for a more vintage tone. Its fat midrange and smoky upper register plays well for blues and vintage jazz with enough edge to speak up when pushed. A smart compromise between the light weight of the 8 and the heavier weight of the standard 12, the Celestion G10-Vintage is the "10-inch that thinks it's a 12".


Mach 2 Combo 10

In our sealed enclosure, the G10 Vintage delivers a chesty low end, warm lush mids, and a well-controlled top end that barks a little when pushed. Best for electric instruments, especially when they are overly bright, the 10 inch delivers a warm tone with lots of personality. If you already have a 10 inch speaker that you love, or if you are used to the sound of a 10 inch, this is your amp.

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