DISCONTINUED : Pro Block 200

After developing the original Tone Block 200, Pat Quilter wanted a more complete "stand-alone" amp that could be used with or without a pedalboard. Most players like a nice built-in reverb, so the Pro Block 200 adds our nicely voiced reverb section as well as our Limiter to provide more control over the internal overdrive. The result is a fully featured amp, with or without external effects, that mates with our growing line of BlockDock speakers.

Pro Block 200

The 200-watt Block amps provide the most power you have ever experienced in the smallest possible package. The Pro Block’s Limiter regulates overdrive from full “ton of bricks” breakup to long smooth sustain, the Tri-Q sweeps from a black-face tone to a hot lead sound, the Reverb is clear and bright, the Hi-Cut takes the edge off the distortion, and Master goes from zero to 200W with no change in tone and overdrive. From pedalboard to BlockDock, we got you covered!

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