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Quilter Pedal Flats

Quilter Pedal Flats
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Price: $99.00

Quilter Pedal Flats are ideal for home and studio use, where your pedals need a great looking solid platform and a rugged gig bag to protect your investment in your pedals. Pedal flats come in three sizes, all are 16 inches top to bottom with standard at 18 inches, Large at 24 inches and Extra Large at 30 inches wide. Standard pricing is $99, Large $119, and Extra Large is $139.
Constructed from high end space age ultra light plywood and tolex wrapped outer with "grip tight" diamond plate surface perfect for securing your pedals with Velcro. Featuring stainless steel handles and hollowed beneath the surface to eliminate "teetering" on the stage to make sure your board is as steady and stable as your playing.
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Choose your size of pedalboard / gig bag after you have added it to the cart. 

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Standard: Length and Width16″ x 18″ Board Top (40.6cm x 45.7cm)
Standard: Weight4.0 Pounds 1.8KG (Pedalboard only) 5.8 Pounds 2.6KG with gig bag.
Large: Length and Width16″ x 24″ Board Top (40.6cm x 60.96cm)
Large: Weight5.3 Pounds 2.4KG (Pedalboard only) 7 Pounds 3.2KG with gig bag.
Extra-Large: Length and Width16″ x 30″ Board Top (40.6cm x 76.2cm)
Extra-Large: Weight6.2 Pounds 2.8KG (Pedalboard only) 8.2 Pounds 3.7KG with gig bag.
Thickness5/8 inch center with 7/8 inch perimeter.
HandlesStainless Steel
Pedal height space inside gig bag3.5 inches pedal board top to bag top. (The bag has some give.)


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