DISCONTINUED : Tone Block 201

The original Tone Block 200 set new standards as the first high power amp designed to fit right on a pedalboard. The Tone Block 201 takes it to the next level - the same 200W output into 4-8 ohms, with additional voicing and interconnect features for increased flexibility. "Junior" in size, "Senior" in capability. The "danger" stripes are there for a reason!

Tone Block 201

The Quilter Tone Block 201 features our highly musical “Tri-Q” tone control, five analog amp voicings, and Hi-Cut to control overdrive harmonics. It’s powerful enough to take on even the biggest heavyweight amps, but light enough and small enough to cozy up to your favorite pedals and provide the “finishing touch” to any good speaker. And of course, it docks with our growing line of BlockDock modular speakers.

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