: Travis Toy 12

The TT12 is more than just another steel guitar amplifier. It represents the culmination of Travis' lifetime effort to build a legacy of great tone, honest value, and effortless performance. When working with Travis we discovered something exceptional in that his love of the steel guitar and perhaps more importantly, music is a constant driver in his life. Knowing Travis, one quickly discovers that he is far more than the "Steel Player's Steel Player."


Travis Toy 12

The TT12, which is designed to be an uncompromising steel guitar amplifier, intended to be the best possible amplification system for today's modern steel guitarist. He is the driving force behind the creation of the custom speaker from Eminence and he has been a driving force here at Quilter in the development of this system as a whole, alongside the inimitable Patrick Quilter who developed the Tone Block 202 and BlockDock package.

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