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The 101 Series unleashes the power of Quilter in a tiny but potent package.

The 101 Mini Head and the 101 Reverb continue to change the game for the professional guitarist. Incredibly lightweight and powerful, they go far beyond being a "back-up" amplifier. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, and with up to 100 watts of power, they are taking over the stage!

Using our patented technology, the 101 is a truly warm analog amplifier, alive with the rich harmonics and stunning dynamics needed to make your guitar come to life. Serious players bring enough power to take on the stage and win, but "smart" players bring something so light they don't break a sweat!

Our most popular series of "mini block style" amplifiers, the 101 Mini Head and the 101 Reverb are aimed at the artist who wants all the tone, all the power, and all the fury of a high power head, with all the portability of a double-wide effects pedal. But lighter!

  • Analog tone: Compromise anything else but tone! With Quilter's patented analog technology, there is no compromise.
  • Consistency: Professional amps sound great long after sound check, even on "night club" voltage, without ever changing their character or tone.
  • Reliability: Your amp should never let you down. We use professional grade components and demand only the best parts. Stop spending your time troubleshooting gremlins!
  • Portability: The only people getting hurt lifting Quilter amps are the ones who fall over expecting 5 times the weight!
  • Modular: Seamlessly integrate into the Quilter Frontliner, velcro onto your pedalboard, or simply replace a conventional head.
  • Flexible: Designed so you can have it your way! Want to plug into your 16 ohm cab? Do it! Quilter amps are designed to take whatever you throw at them and keep coming back for more. (Just be careful out there. We aren't kidding about our power ratings.)

101 Mini Head

Professional Pricing: $329 USD

The 101 Mini Head is the original revolutionary 2 pound amp that turned the whole guitar world on its head! Weighing in at 2 pounds with up to 100 watts of power, it is a formidable addition to any pedal collection. Whether mounted on the pedalboard, or sitting atop any extension, this is your choice for flexible voicing and simple intuitive controls.

101 Mini Head

101 Reverb

Professional Pricing: $429 USD

Continuing with the theme of power and light weight, the 101 Reverb delivers a 3 band EQ, limiter and reverb, for those seeking more tools to perfect their tone. An outstanding choice as a standalone head, or as a complement to your pedalboard!

101 Reverb


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