Aviator Gold Head

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The Aviator Gold Head:

The Aviator Gold Head is the simple solution for those who already own high performance speaker cabinets. Pop it up on top, plug it in, stand back as people gather around with their jaws open.

Weighing in at a dimunitive 9 pounds, it produces an astonishing level of power, all while giving world class tone and performance!

Wrapped in professional grade boutique Tolex, it is built to withstand the rigor of the road. On many tours today, it is often used as a fly rig.

Operating on any voltage worldwide including and perhaps more importantly... "Night Club Voltage™" You know, the voltage left over at the night club after the 3 deep fryers are cooking, the 3 ton air conditioner on the roof is humming, the neon signs are buzzing, the twin sub Z's are chilling and your friendly neighborhood sound guy throws a single cable onstage with a haughty, "Here's your power dudes."


• Portable: 9 Pounds and small enough to fit in your suitcase
• Powerful: 100 watts per channel
• Reliable: Won't degrade or breakdown
• Consistent: Tone sounds great at any volume
• Flexible: Works with any impedance extension speaker or even without a speaker
• Tone: The Aviator is changing the game. Already on several national tours, the Aviator is quickly becoming a tone standard
• Free: We include a high impact nylon ballistic cover to protect your investment
• Built in America: We make our products right here in Costa Mesa from mostly local suppliers

The Aviator Gold Head includes a deluxe gig bag!


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Quilter Mach 2 Manual

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Two position footswitch for use with Aviator amplifiers. Comes with a 12 Foot Cat 5 Cable.


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More than just a companion to the Mach 2 Series, the MicroPro Mach 2 Extension will also fit your Aviator Gold Head as well! The integrated rubberized molded corners provide protection and a solid mounting point for the Aviator Gold Head. Packed with a Classic Lead 80, the deeper sealed enclosure will give fuller lows than you thought possible. The modular extension cab completes a fully integrated system that allows you to take as many or as few pieces as you need for the gig.


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Want even more power for your Aviator Gold Head? The Mach 2 HD Extension cab is for you! We built in a powerful Celestion BN12-300s speaker for deeper, thundering lows and insane power! The speaker has no breakup or cone cry yielding a crisp and present response.


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