The Aviator Gold Series has been discontinued.

For those lucky enough to have one, they are among the greatest of stage-worthy amps to have in the arsenal!

Be prepared for what awaits. The all new Aviator Gold amplifier is a game changer for players looking for a good pedal platform, those who want open back performance, or anyone wanting tube like performance without all the weight and inherent unreliability.

We thickened and reinforced the baffle to support lighter speakers and enhance the Classic Lead 80 without undue vibration. Reduced noise floor, enhanced reverb program, and deeper, more luscious distortion.

  • Analog tone: Compromise anything else but tone. With Quilter amplifier's patented analog technology, there is no compromise.
  • Consistency: Professional amps sound great long after sound check - even when using "night club" voltage - without ever changing their character, or tone.
  • Reliability: Your amp should never fail you. We use professional grade components and demand the best parts from mostly local suppliers right here in California. We build them by hand and don't take shortcuts. Stop spending your time troubleshooting gremlins.
  • Portability: Did we forget to mention this? Our amps are so light the only people getting hurt lifting them are the ones who fall over expecting 5 times the weight. They are also smaller, so they fit better on today's smaller stages.
  • Modular: Seamlessly integrate your Aviator Gold combo with an extension cabinet for enough power to blow past your drummer, bass player, and horn section too.
  • Flexible: Designed to be used how you want to use them. Want to unplug the speaker and run through the direct out? Go for it. Want to plug into your 16 ohm cab? Do it! Quilter amps are designed to take whatever you throw at them and keep coming back for more. (Just be careful out there. We aren't kidding about our power ratings.)

Aviator Gold Head

Professional Pricing: DISCONTINUED

The Quilter Aviator Head is an astonishingly powerful and yet incredibly lightweight guitar head. Weighing in at only 9 pounds and delivering massive power and tone, this head lives in the backpack of many of today's top road dogs. Click the button below to learn more.

Aviator Head

Aviator Gold 8-Inch Combo

Professional Pricing: DISCONTINUED

The Quilter 8 inch Aviator Gold combo is the amp you need when you want to hop on your Harley and head to the show with your amp in your saddlebag. Constructed with high grade materials and built to last. Click the button below to learn more.

Aviator Gold 8 inch combo

Aviator Gold 12-Inch Combo

Professional Pricing: DISCONTINUED

Aviator 12 inch combo

If you had this amp right now you would immediately throw away your hot rod deluxe. Perfect for pedal players or those longing for a simple and easy to use 12 inch open back combo. Click the button below to learn more.

Aviator 12 Inch Combo

Aviator Gold Heavy Duty Combo

Professional Pricing: DISCONTINUED

Much like the Aviator 12 Inch Combo but with a lighter and more powerful Celestion BN12-300s speaker! Pick this if you want that unyielding honesty from your amp without breakup or cone cry. Awesome for Jazz and Clean Archtop playing. Click the button below to learn more.

Aviator 12 Heavy Duty

Aviator Gold Heavy Duty

Aviator 2x10 Combo

Professional Pricing: DISCONTINUED

Aviator 2x10 combo

The Aviator 2x10 has a powerful and resonant midrange tone that will leave you feeling like someone punched you in the chest. Great for power and punch and all through a set of tasty, warm, twin Celestion G10-Vintage speakers. Click the button and get on your way to sonic nirvana!

Aviator 2x10 combo


Quilter Mach 2 Manual

Click the image to the left to download the manual!


Two position footswitch for use with any Aviator Gold combo or head. Comes with a 12 Foot Cat 5 Cable.


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Fully enclosed, deluxe padded case fits the 8-inch Aviator Gold amplifier.


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"Kick Out" Leg Kit

Aviator Gold combos are pre-drilled to receive this accessory kit. Package includes the hardware and templates necessary to install them easily on your own with a simple phillips screwdriver!




Quilter amplifiers are built to last and are backed by our industry leading warranty. Click Here to learn more.

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