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BlockDock™ Series Extension Cabinets

The Quilter BlockDock™ empowers you to have it your way! Pick your block, and pick your dock to mount it to for the ultimate solution customized for you. Quilter BlockDock™ speakers are designed to work together with Quilter Block Series and 101 Series amplifiers to deliver the ultimate performance solution.

- CNC milled footcups to precisely locate amplifier in docking bay
- Quick release thumbscrews let you detach your head for fly dates
- Brushed, black anodized, aluminum plate securely retains amplifier
- High grade, ultra-light plywood for minimum weight
- Powerful concert grade drivers
- Heavy duty input jack and speaker wiring with strain relief terminations
- Chrome plated, rubber cushioned steel reinforced handle
- Multiple modular selections to fit your requirements
- Ballistic nylon cover (included) protects your investment
- Designed to fit Quilter 101 Series, or Quilter “Block” style amplifiers

BlockDock™ Series products:

The Bassliner Series:

Wedge and cabinet shaped enclosures with aluminum grills. Driver and horn loaded, they are perfectly paired with the Quilter Bass Block 800.

The Frontliner 2x8w

is a wedge shaped, sealed enclosure featuring two powerful concert grade 8 inch drivers. The ultimate solution for guitarists when sound control and unbelievable power in the smallest possible package are paramount.

The BlockdDock 10TC:

More than just a powerful solution for your 101 Series amplifier, the BlockDock 10TC is a performance amplification dream. The 10TC features the vaunted Celestion TF1018 driver (The big brother to our highly beloved TF0818 featured in all of our 8 inch products.) With a sealed enclosure and a tilt back system built right in, the 10TC is a powerful and portable solution for most players!

The BlockDock 12HD:

Going for the ultimate in portable performance amplification, the BlockDock 12HD delivers a staggering 300 watt rated Celestion BN12-300s neodymium speaker in a braced and ruggedized cabinet weighing in at a fraction the weight of most rigs. A natural fit for any Quilter "Block Style" amplifier, the 12HD delivers huge power without adding huge weight.

When you get a Quilter BlockDock Series amplifier you get more than just quality, you get freedom! The freedom to plug in more than one speaker without flipping switches or "hoping" it doesn't "smoke your amp." The freedom to upgrade when you want to, and the freedom to build the modular system of your dreams.

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Compatible with Quilter Block Style, Bass Block, or 101 Series amplifiers.