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The Steelaire is a powerful solution for steel guitarists, or anyone looking for the power and incisiveness of this clean dream machine.

Starting with the classic JBL D130 as a tone standard, Pat Quilter worked closely with Eminence to develop a powerful and beautiful sounding speaker, best described as an "Orange Creamsicle", with a creamy full body and a crispy tangy bite.

The Steelaire Series gives the steeler or any guitarist a range of options, from the simplicity and power of the Steelaire Rackmount, to the pack-and-go portability of the Steelaire Combo, to the Swiss Army knife of the Steelaire Pro, designed for top players to use in the studio or on the road!

On tour with some of the biggest names of music today. Chad Jeffers (Carrie Underwood), Sasha Ostrovsky (Darius Rucker), Tim Sergent (Dierks Bentley), Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters), Randle Currie (Brad Paisley), Ward Williams (Randy Houser), Greg Leisz (Clapton, John Mayer, Alan Jackson), Travis Toy (Rascal Flatts) David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), and more!

With multiple configurations to meet the needs of any guitarist or steeler the Steelaire is the ultimate solution for the discerning player. This may well be the world's best 15" clean dream machine!

    Portable: 35 Pounds for either combo and 7.2 pounds for the rack-mount head
    Powerful: 200 watts
    Reliable: Won't degrade or break down
    Consistent: Tone sounds great at any volume
    Flexible: Works with any impedance extension speaker or even without a speaker
    Accessories: Free ballistic nylon cover included. Floor mount or leg mount 6 way remote control and tilt back legs available separately.
    Built in America: We make our products right here in Costa Mesa from mostly local suppliers

Steelaire Rackmount

Professional Pricing: $999 USD

The Steelaire Rackmount is the solution for the player who wants big power and portability for their existing speakers. Utilizing an active switchmode power supply, under-voltage or "dirty AC" no longer pose an issue. You will get good clean consistent tone no matter what the venue throws at you.

Mach 2 Head

Steelaire Combo

Professional Pricing: $1,599 USD

Delivering power, articulation, harmonics and dynamics like no other 15 inch amplifier on earth, the Steelaire Combo tops the list as one of Pat Quilter's all time greatest achievements. If you play Steel guitar, or just want the power and clarity that a big 15 inch speaker will give you, this is your amp.

Steelaire Combo

Steelaire Pro

Discontinued (See dealer for availability)

Steelaire Pro

The ultimate solution for those needing all the power of a Steelaire combo but in a professional stage/touring configuration. With a removable Steelaire Rackmount built in, the Steelaire Pro has taken over the studio, and the stage! Pick this one if you are a studio or touring professional.

Steelaire Pro

Steelaire Extension Cabinet

Discontinued:Check dealer for availability

The perfect solution for those looking to add "thunder" below their Steelaire Combo amplifiers or as a speaker for their Rackmount heads. Click to learn more!

Steelaire Extension Cab

Steelaire Extension Cab


Quilter Steelaire Manual

Click the image to the left to download the manual!


Steelaire Remote Leg Mount Controller

Controls Six Amplifier Functions
Bright LED indicators show you which switches are active
Sturdy, road-ready steel chassis and heavy-duty switches
The leg mount remote control is an essential accessory for the steeler. Designed to clamp on a standard leg (13/16") it utilizes a spring mount with padded foam to tightly bind to the leg preventing slippage while preventing damage.
A 15 foot, flexible connector cable is included with the foot controller. If the cable becomes lost or damaged, or if you need a longer cable, a standard networking cable can be used.


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"Kick Out" Leg Kit

The Steelaire combo is pre-drilled to receive this accessory kit. Package includes the hardware and templates necessary to install them easily on your own with a simple phillips screwdriver!



Two position footswitch for use with the Steelaire, Aviator, or MicroPro Mach 2 amplifiers. Choose this controller if you only want to control channel switching and reverb. For more advanced options try the 2 position selectable or 6 position footswitches. Comes with a 12 Foot Cat 5 Cable.


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The selectable two position foot controller allows you to select any of the 6 functions for each of the two buttons. Choose this controller if you want more flexibility in which functions you control. Controls any of two of the following functions: Channel switching, Boost, Limiter, Tremolo, Reverb, and FX Loop. Comes with a 12 Foot Cat 5 Cable.


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The deluxe 6 position foot switch is an essential accessory for the guitarist providing control over all 6 functions of Steelaire or MicroPro amplifiers. Controls any of the following functions: Channel switching, Boost, Limiter, Tremolo, Reverb, and FX Loop. Comes with a 12 Foot Cat 5 Cable.


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