Steelaire Extension Cabinet

Suggested Price: $799

The Steelaire Extension delivers the ideal 15 inch sealed enclosure sound for demanding players. Weighing in at a mere 34 pounds, the reinforced 15 ply baltic birch is truly an epic and powerful tone. Designed by Pat Quilter and road tested by touring professionals, this is the perfect compliment to the Steelaire Combo and a powerful speaker in its own right in combination with your Steelaire rack mount head. The all-important loudspeaker is the result of a lengthy collaboration between Pat Quilter and Eminence Speakers. We started with Eminence's pro-audio cast-aluminum 15 inch frame for maximum rigidity and strength. To this we added a 3-inch aluminum voice coil, powerful neo magnet, and hyperbolic cone to assure outstanding frequency response, power handling, and freedom from breakup. As a finishing touch, a 4 inch aluminum dome adds a hint of sweet metallic chime, resulting in a creamy full bodied tone with a citrus-y finish.

The Steelaire Extension cabinet, constructed from 15-ply Baltic birch and covered with fabric-backed tolex, is the ultimate in rugged road gear while maintaining a classy boutique appearance. A padded, reinforced nylon cover is included to preserve its good looks for many years of service. The Steelaire Extension is intended to be the world's best amplifier, regardless of weight, for the steel player or any instrumentalist who needs the highest grade professional equipment. But with modern electronics and 15” neo speaker, the net weight of 34 lbs makes it easy to get on and off stage promptly without strain. The Steelaire Extension also comes with a speaker cable designed to handle the power of a Quilter Steelaire Combo or Steelaire Rackmount!

Extension Cabinet:34 lbs (16kg), 20 x 23 x 11 in (50.8 x 58.4 x 28 cm)
Powerful:300 watts power handling

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