MicroPro 200-10


    The MicroPro 200 ten uses the warmth and dynamics of the G10 vintage speaker. If you want slightly subdued highs, and dynamic, chewy midrange tone, then this is a good pick. With its 10 degree backslant and wide dispersion, you still get good coverage even standing only a few feet away. If you already love the tone of a ten inch speaker but wish you could get more low end out of it, then this is definitely your amp. The sealed back configuration gives beautiful depth and power but still maintains the beautiful articulate sound of a good ten inch speaker.
  • Portable: 21 pounds, H 19 in, W 17.5 in, D 10 in.
  • Powerful: 100 watts per channel
  • Reliable: Won't degrade or breakdown
  • Consistent: Incredible tone at any volume
  • Flexible:Works with any impedance extension speaker or even without one
  • Tone: Used on countless tours and in the studio
  • Free: Each MicroPro comes standard with a padded ballistic nylon slip cover and a two position foot controller
  • Warm and powerful 10" G10 Vintage Speaker
  • Built in America: Made right here in Costa Mesa, CA

Pick the MicroPro 200 10 inch if you love ten inch speakers with a warmer, chewier tone but want more low end than your typical ten.

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MicroPro 200

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