Steelaire Rackmount

Suggested Price: $999

The Steelaire Rackmount Head is the solution for player who needs BIG power in a compact head. Equally at home in a rack or sitting gently atop your choice of cabinet, the Steelaire Rackmount represents the future of amplification technology.

The Steelaire Rackmount utilizes a patented technology that combines a fully regulated switchmode power supply and proprietary class-D power amplification with our own secret sauce to add warmth and resolution normally reserved for hand-wired boutique tube amplifiers costing many thousands of dollars. We start with twice the normal input impedance to extract the maximum response from your instrument pickups. We finish with a 400 watt internal power amplifier section, which we limit to a maximum output of 200 watts for speaker compatibility. The reserve headroom lets the speaker “breathe” and deliver a bigger sound. The high input and output impedances combine with the speaker’s natural frequency response curve to deliver even more tone than you thought possible, together with amazing amounts of unstressed power to your choice of speakers. Put simply, there is nothing like it.

The Steelaire Rackmount chassis delivers its full 200 watts, with plenty of reserve voltage swing, into loads ranging from 2-8 ohms. With selectable input channels, a 4 band EQ, an adjustable limiter, tremolo, and a full-service reverb section, you get a full tool kit to optimize the sound of your instrument. In addition, a unique rear-panel effects loop with 9 volt DC supply allows you to customize the sound of your amp by wiring in accessory pedals of your choice, with integrated control using one of our 6 position remote switches. (Foot controller or leg mount remote, available separately.)

Portable: 2RU, 7.7” (19.6cm) deep, 7.2 lbs (3.3kg)
Powerful: 200 watts (400 watts of internal headroom for maximum voltage swing)
Dual inputs: Supports multiple instruments or buffered pedal loop
Input mode selector: Selects Ch1, Mute, Ch2, or Ch1+2
4 Band EQ: Bass(100 Hz), Low Mid(500 Hz), High Mid(2kHz), Treble(5kHz)
Limiter: Fully adjustable from clean to dirty
Tremolo: Adjustable depth and rate
Reverb: Adjustable depth, dwell, and tone
Master: Adjusts output power from 0 to 200 watts
Dual speaker outputs: 1/4", 2 to 16 ohms
Remote control connection: Accepts RJ45 cable (Cat 5,6,7,etc.)
Effects loop: Send, Return, and 9 volt DC out, 200 mA max
Direct Out: 600 ohm, isolated, balanced, 300 mV peak
Available accessories: Floor mount or leg mount 6 way remote controller

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