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Job Title: Assembler

Reports to: CEO

This position will assist in the day-to-day Manufacturing / Warehouse duties, with the purpose of keeping a even level of inventory Finished Goods products and Accessories. The assembler commonly uses tools such as screwdrivers, soldering irons, pliers, and other tools to hold and position the parts during assembly.

Time commitment

A minimum of 40 hours a week. Time commitment and availability can be discussed with Logistics Coordinator. Additional hours may occasionally be requested to meet the needs of busy periods, for example end of month, and end of year.

Duties and Responsibilities

●To assemble, inspect, test, and package product for inventory or sales orders.

●Notifying supervisor of defective parts, equipment, tools, materials, or other conditions which hinder assembly process.

●To use our automated system called Fishbowl in order to keep track of sales orders and manufacturing orders.

●To assist the warehouse manager on keeping track of inventory values.

●Assist with receiving of returns a.k.a. RMA’s.

●To assist in keeping the shop clean and tidy.

●Receive and count parts. After doing so place parts in correct location.

●Participate in cycle counting.

Skills and Specifications

●Physically ability to stand for long periods of time.

●Ability to carry up to 50 pounds on a daily basis.

●Ability to operate various assembly tools and machinery.

●Good clarity of hearing and speech.

●Ability to comprehend emails and respond in an accurate manor.

Education High school diploma

Email Adam.Rodgers@qsc.com to apply...