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Imagine being able to pack 5 of history's greatest sounding amplifiers into a package so small it fits in the pouch of your gig bag. Imagine a head so light you almost forgot it was there. Imagine a streamlined set up that only takes a few moments. Forget about the problems you are used to, like bad voltage or tiny stages. Plug it in and turn it up. Your friends stop snickering and their jaws begin to drop as a generous helping of Quilter wattage fills the room. Now they are asking where to get theirs.

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    albinoSQUIRREL on February 10, 2020 at 8:44 am


    I own this. I had an Egnater Rebel head, and I wanted a backup amplifier for it. Well, I very quickly realized that I liked the 101 mini head much more than the Egnater, I think the voicing and tone control is ingenious. It was a little bass heavy with the speaker I had, but I purchased an empty, solid pine cabinet that has an oval port in the back, and loaded it with a 12" rebuilt Gallien Krueger speaker with a neodymium magnet. It has a hemp cone, and it almost seems like it was built for this head. It sounds very balanced, and every pedal I try with this amp works better than any other amp I've ever owned. I really love this thing, can you tell! The next thing I would like to try is a 2 by 10 cabinet with neodymium speakers in it, probably vertically oriented, and also with a port.